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This CUNUCU HOUSE dates back to 1908, laying in the then in urban context on the northwest crossing of the junction of the Caya Betico Croes and the Waterweg. On the side of the Caya Betico Croes (then and also now) there is an inscriptionin stucco above the left door: ‘1908 no. 97’. The dwelling originally was oriented East West.

Numismatisch Museum  Weststraat, behind the Bus Station

In 1999-2000 the little house still stood in the original place. At the beginning of the 21st century a new period also came for this cunucuhouse. It was moved to the Weststraat. Parts were packed in cases (parts of the façade and dormers) and it was completely moved, other parts were dismounted and/or replaced. The big importance of the cunucuhouse to the former Nassaustraat was the memory of the historical street view. The moment the house was moved it was already part of the register. The possibility has been discussed to preserve the monumental status. After this a positive decision was taken after ample discussion. The most important situational value is of course lost. Now those parts which still can be recognized in the field of historic construction are protected.


Most likely the core of this house was built in 1860 by a French man. In 1908, this house was bought by Mr Richard Johannes Eman van der Biest  who was married to Johanna Catharina van der Biest-Oduber. She was the daughter of Mr Jan van der Biest-Croes, former director of Aruba’s Goldmine. Within the walls of this splendid and unique cunucuhouse six children were raised. Frederica van der Biest-Eman, one of the children of Richard Eman married her full cousin, John Gerard Eman, the founder of the first financial institution of Aruba, Aruba Bank NV.

This house is very valuable for the country because it has four dormers. In August 2000 the building moved from Caya Betico Croes to Weststraat z/n and by means of restoration it was delivered in November 2001.

For further information concerning this building you can contact the Monument Office.


Composed by the Monument Office.

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