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Oranjestraat #28

A dwelling completed in 1910 and 1932 with company space / store on the ground floor. Pay attention in connection with the names of functions to the staircase at the left side. A same construction can be seen in private homes / company buildings in the Wilhelminastraat. There is a division of the grounds.

Oranjestraat 28 


The building is partly free-standing and partly incorporated in the buildings of Oranjestraat and Nassaustraat. The building lies back of the building-line with regard to Oranjestraat and there it has a spacious front garden. The interior of the building has been modified completely. The rear side of the building was not accessible at the moment of describing.


The building was built on a rectangular ground plan with the monumental facade on the side of the Oranjestraat. The building has two construction layers and it is entirely covered by two coordinated hipped roofs running in the length direction with red (probably) renewed Dutch tiles. The front of the building is plastered and painted white. The ground floor at the front side has four entrances with high double doors and with semicircular upper lights. There is a broad terrace with landing steps in the front part. The balcony over the greater part of the width of the building lies on five support points. This house has a lot of monumental values


For more information about this building you can contact the Monument Office.


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